Edmundston Toyota


We had the pleasure of speaking with Kevin on a few occasions with respect to this opportunity and what other opportunities he and DSMA had in Atlantic. The one thing we found with Kevin was he always stayed in touch because he knew we were interested and understood what we were looking for.  He worked every possible angle and dissected the deal in every way that made sense to us and their package was far above others that we have seen.  Kevin was never overbearing, pushy or hard to get a hold of and it was a pleasure from start to finish working with him and DSMA and we look forward to the next time, plus the congratulations gift and charity donation from them was a very nice touch.

Scott Toner, new owner of Edmundston Toyota


Kevin visited us numerous times before we signed on the dotted line and from day 1, he was up front and did not try and win us over by over promising and telling us what we wanted to hear.  He was very straight forward in his process and communicated realistic timelines that he and DSMA stuck to.  We wish our deal could have been completed overnight but that was not from a lack of effort on Kevin’s part. It was nice to see how Kevin and DSMA as a team worked together to get this done for us and for that we are grateful. We would recommend Kevin and DSMA to any dealer in Atlantic if they are thinking of selling, it was a pleasure.

Charles Albert, former owner of Edmundston Toyota

Kevin Leslie

Principal M&A Executive

Canada Alantic

  • 778.245.1041
  • kevin.leslie@dsma.com

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