Hyundai Trois-Rivières & Chrysler Shawinigan


As of May 1st, the simultaneous sales of Hyundai Trois Rivieres and Shawinigan Chrysler have closed.  The 2 parties have concluded transactions allowing Vincent Group to acquire the Shawinigan Chrysler dealership sold by Le Prix du Gros Group, at the same time as Le Prix du Gros Group acquired Hyundai Trois Rivieres sold by Vincent Group.  These cross transactions allow the two groups to add local brands to their respective dealership portfolios and demonstrate the agility and coordination required by all parties involved to bring these deals to fruition.  F. McDonald and DSMA facilitated these transactions with Groupe Vincent and Groupe Le Prix du Gros, represented by Maxime Vincent and Benoit Dusablon respectively.

Hyundai Trois Rivieres is a dealership established in 1995 with a volume of over 1300 new and used vehicles annually; Chrysler Shawinigan has an 8 year history and a sales volume of over 400 new and used vehicles annually.  

SIMILAR Completed Transactions

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