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“My Father’s advice prior to his death was the reason why I decided to sell our family GM Dealership; be sure to sell while you’re young and healthy enough to enjoy the fruits of your years of hard work. And so after 40 years in the retail automotive industry I welcomed the opportunity to work with Wendy Durward of DSMA for potential buyers.

My experience with DSMA and the process actually demonstrated the pros and cons when working with potential buyers.  The first offer unfortunately was not ideal – although generous in purchase price, the individual proved difficult to deal with and would not be a good fit for the community and employees. When I was prepared to look at other buyers, 18 months later, Wendy listened to and understood how important it was for me, that the new owner would continue to support the community, maintain the dealership name to honour my Father, Mike Fair’s legacy, and keep the employees who were integral to the dealership’s success over the years – Wendy respected all of these when presenting a list of interested parties.  She also maintained constant communication with me, answered any of my questions and addressed any concerns I had and also understood the emotional toll such a big decision takes on the seller. Overall, it was a relatively smooth process once I agreed to an LOI.

Wendy was there, on the day the dealership officially was handed over to Mrs. Charlene Brunet of The Butler Organization, to celebrate with Charlene and myself. I enjoyed working with Charlene and her team, and I’m still a member of the team at Mike Fair’s as their Community Ambassador.

If anyone is considering selling their dealership, I would certainly recommend using the services of DSMA.”

Kristine Fair, (former) dealer principle, Mike Fair Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac Ltd.

Wendy Durward

Director of Acquisition Management


  • 289.892.7294
  • wendy.durward@dsma.com

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