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Do you really want to sell your business? Do you want to maximize your return? Do you want the people within your organization that have made you successful to be taken care of after a sale?  These questions may sound rather redundant if you have made the decision to sell, either for retirement or other entrepreneurial pursuits. As my decision to retire was starting to take shape, I was extremely lucky to have been introduced to the team that would allow me to achieve my goals.

I met Lev Kowalsky several years ago and he made a real impression on me during a brief conversation at a social event, so when it came time, 2 years ago, to go to market, I contacted him and the DSMA Team. From the outset, they were extremely professional and knowledgeable, very helpful and totally involved, from the creation of the CIM, the marketing prospectus, to developing a list of potential, qualified buyers, through the due diligence process and finally, to get the transaction to the closing phase.

As a client, I viewed the organization as a team of specialists.

  • CIM and Due Diligence – a comprehensive team of experts, knowledgeable in accounting, legal and marketing
  • Market Knowledge – This is Lev’s speciality. Lev is, similarly to a Real Estate Listing agent, a selling agent. He created a very thorough list of qualified potential purchasers and worked diligently throughout the entire selling process to secure a favourable LOI.
  • Finally, the closing of the transaction is the most important phase, and this is where the DSMA team excelled. Headed by Wendy Durward, DSMA has a dedicated team of experts who focus fully on the closing process to ensure a smooth road to get the seller across the finish line as a winner.

Over a period of two years, I got to form a great relationship with the DSMA team, between their expertise and the corporate reaction time in providing creative solutions throughout the process proved to me that, all in all, I made the right decision.

In closing, on behalf of myself, my family and my partners, I would like to thank the entire team at DSMA for their help in allowing us to realize our retirement strategy and our financial goals. I would strongly suggest that, if you are in the market to sell, you allow DSMA the opportunity to provide you with their plan of action and expert solutions. If anyone wishes to contact me to discuss this subject, please feel free to do so, Lev can provide you my coordinates.


Richard M Noseworthy

Lev Kowalsky

Principal M&A Executive

Canada Ontario

  • 416.839.2930

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