Kingston Nissan


“I had the pleasure of completing our acquisition of Kingston Nissan, now James Braden Nissan of Kingston through Dealer Solutions Mergers and Acquisitions. I would like to strongly recommend Wendy Durward and Chris Julian of DSMA for their professionalism and integrity. Their experience and expertise were invaluable on resolving issues as they arose in a very sensitive transaction. In the end, they assisted by providing win-win solutions, facilitating communications with the OEM and helping us through the transactionl every step of the way  to a successful close.  I was very pleased with the service Wendy  provided and can’t wait to start looking for our next acquisition through them. Dealer Solutions Mergers and Acquisitions should be the first stop for anyone looking to do a sale or a purchase of a dealership.”

James Braden, new owner of Kingston Nissan, now James Braden Nissan

Wendy Durward

Director of Acquisition Management


  • 289.892.7294

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