Senechal Nissan


“I would highly recommend Dealer Solutions North America to help any dealer or dealer group with the facilitation of selling their store(s). Kevin Leslie worked countless hours with us and our store to find the right purchaser. What is so great about Dealer Solutions North America is that they work as a team, supporting each other on all aspects of the deal. The knowledge and support they provide is unparalleled. They were able to tap into the Quebec market and find the right buyer, maintain timelines, and assist in the negotiation. I was involved and aware of every step, throughout the whole process. The effort of the team made the whole transaction seamless. Great work Dealer Solutions North America, thank you very much!”

Maurice Senechal, Past Dealer Principal, Senechal Nissan

Kevin Leslie

Principal M&A Executive

Canada Alantic

  • 778.245.1041

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