Smith & Watt Limited (Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM)


“Back in Late 2020 we reached out to Kevin and asked that he could find us a dealership close to our existing stores. Soon after that meeting, he found a store in our area that was actually listed by another broker. This being our first dealer to dealer purchase we were delighted to have Kevin with us every step of the way. Kevin and DSMA took the asking price from the broker, completed a full market value analysis on the brand and location and negotiated a fair price on our behalf. It was their experience, market knowledge and team approach that justified our purchase price, and from that experience we were very comfortable in paying the right price. There were many bumps along the road and every time we hit a bump, Kevin and DSMA were quick to a resolution and having an in-house counsel for support, didn’t hurt either. We are so grateful for the weekly meetings, guidance and discussions during this transaction; without this support we would have never reached the finish line. I highly recommend Kevin Leslie and DSMA if you are thinking of selling, I know I will if that day ever comes because of the treatment we received on the buyers’ side as clients.

I would recommend Kevin and his team to ANYBODY that is looking for an opportunity. He has your back every step of the way and he answers phone calls at all hours. “

Kelly McCarron, new owner of Smith & Watt Chrysler

Kevin Leslie

Principal M&A Executive

Canada Alantic

  • 778.245.1041

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