Sorg Nissan


“DSMA Mergers & Acquisition represented the sale of our dealership with professionalism and held the highest level of confidentiality during the transaction. Jennifer Rafael, Vice President of DSMA brought a strategic buyer TKO Group and made the process seamless. The hardest part of a sale is the unknown, and the team at DSMA provided  a clear path to execute with excellence. Thank you everyone at DSMA and Jennifer Rafael for making this a great experience.”

 Toby Sorg, Previous owner of Sorg Nissan

We were very grateful to have represented Toby Sorg and Sorg Nissan on this transaction. Congratulations to Travis Ostrom of TKO Auto Group for this very strategic acquisition, and for adding a quality brand like Nissan to their portfolio.

Jennifer Rafael

Vice President

USA Midwest

  • 312.927.9561

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